Welcome to the Ripley County Amateur Radio Club


The Start of a New Year

The start of a new year brings back some familiar faces as well as some new ones in the RCARC. Our current membership is at 36 with many of them upgrading their licenses and a few new hams making the roster. Both of our classes went well with a large majority passing their FCC test, and one passing both the tech and general.

I must say that I had a great time getting to know all of you a little better this year and look forward to getting to know you all better in the years to come. Please welcome the new officers for the new year.

The new officers for the year of 2014 are as follows.
WY9L – Delbert Felix – President
KC9ZNY – Ron Reynolds Jr – Vice President
KC9ZYC – Kayla Reynolds – Secretary
KC9RGI – Donna Felix – Treasurer

I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a great new year!
God bless and 73s
Randy – NV9Q

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